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Welcome to HelloHipHop

Aiming to tackle the growing imbalance between Social Media and Real Social Skills. As we know, too much time spent on tablets and phones can be damaging on our childrens Mental and Physical Health.  Watch us as we inspire children through the organic Elements of HipHop. And without a tablet in sight, you will witness powerful performances and educational workshops that encourage the children to be more creative and resilient. By teaching them to express their emotions through funky literiture, music, art and dance rather than putting things online, the result is a happier, healthier and above all safer lifestyle.

graffiti worksheets

Graffiti, like all the other elements of HipHop is great for your creative mind and well being. If you're anything like us you can get lost in it for hours. Click on the tab below for free downloadable worksheets to help you, we will be uploading more in the future so keep an eye out!


Introducing the Elements


The Emcee is the vocal voice of HipHop Culture. The children will learn to play with syllables, sentence structure, rythmn and story, writing down rhymes about anything they want to say and what makes them happy.  They will also have the opportunity to try BeatBoxin'.


The DJ is the life and soul of the party, they are the Maestro and responsible for maintaining a good atmosphere. Here the little ones will learn how to read a record/vinyl and select a song. By also having a go at scratching and cutting, they will discover how the turntable can be used as a fantastic instrument.


 Breakin' is the true term for this official dance style of HipHop. With the Emcee, the children learn to play with words and sentences, here they will adapt it to their dancing. They will be working on foundational moves and their own interpretation of story telling through body language we call Breakin'.


A Graffiti Writer uses the concept of shapes beautifully, while adding characters and other style elements to create their own piece. We encourage the kids to explore different ways they can draw shapes to represent letters or characters whilst adding thier own flavour.

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About us

Phil Tang

After first discovering Breakin' at the age of 17, I am now 36 and a father of 2 beautiful children. This hasn't stopped me dancing, infact it has motivated me even more! Whilst doing performances, teaching and competing in battles and cyphers my soul aim now is to pass it to the younger generation, hence the reason behind HelloHipHop. Without great influences and inspirational people that I have met along the way the cause that HelloHipHop stands for would not be possible. ONE LOVE TO TRUE HIP HOP x

Changing Lives

Commercial hiphop is there to entertain others. True HipHop is there to entertain your very soul. It is there for YOU. While encouraging you to be yourself and have your own style, its main purpose is to give you freedom, respect one another, share and deliver a feeling of self expression that technology can never replace. By displaying and passing on this fundamental raw essence of HipHop, we hope to inspire the youngest generation to take up one or more of its elements, not just as a one off but for a LIFETIME.

Primary Schools

Starting local in and around Leeds primary schools our aim is to reach out nationally and beyond, inspiring and offering authentic workshops and performances. HipHop is for each and everyone of us and is available to all ages, all backgrounds, all races and religions and 'ALL CITY'. Coupled with the Values of HipHop which are PEACE, UNITY, LOVE and HAVING FUN, We will be united in offering the children an alternative organic refreshing lifestyle that doesn't depend on Social Media 'Likes' for making us FEEL GOOD!

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